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june 16.2022 - Cereals and Rapeseed Field Day

September 17, 2021 - Soybean Field Day

The 13th Soybean Field Day   was held on 17 September 2021 in the fields of MATEX company (cadastre of Veľké Kapušany – Veškovce). This meeting was free and open to all growers and farmers.

Before the presentation of 40 varieties from renowned breeders from all over the world, the visitors and participants could listen to expert lectures on the topics:

Current problems and issues in growing soybean in the season 2021: presented by Ing. P. Mižík a Ing. P. Štranc PhD.

Ing. J. Halas PhD. gave the visitors a quick lesson on „The soil profile and a soil probe“.

Matex also presented its new Portfolio of soybean varieties, that the company offers  for the 2022 spring  season. More than 150 invited guests attended  this educational event.

Our partners were: Axereal Slovakia, Candor, Euralis, Lucagra, Orbex, Probsdorfer, Rapool, RWA, Saatbau, Sevita, VP

3. 9. 2017 - Soybean Field Day

September 10, 2019 - Soybean Field Day

The 11th Soybean Field Day  in a row took place in the fields of MATEX company in Veľké Kapušany – Veškovce, where we presented

                                 39 varieties of soybean

from our partners: Agromag, Agrosales, Bóly zrt. Candor Trading, Caussade, Euralis, Green Point, Heliaseed, Oseva, Probsdorfer, Rapool, RWA, Saatbau, VP Agro.

 We also presented our new portfolio of varieties for spring 2020.

Our regular guests ,Ing. P. Štranc PhD and Ing. P. Mižík, gave the lectures on:

  „Specific needs of soybean cultivation in 2019“ and  „Current issues of agricultural technology and cultivation activities in autumn “.

Attendees enjoyed pleasant weather and a farm lunch where they could try our local delicacies.


June 19, 2019 - Cereals and Rapeseed Field Day

We organized the 15th Cereals and Rapeseed Field Day. The event took place in Veľké Kapušany – Veškovce. We had the opportunity to meet with our partners in a pleasant atmosphere in the trial fields of MATEX company (the cadastral area of Kapušianske Vojkovce).

We presented                                          

54 winter wheat varieties and 36 winter rapeseed varieties

from our partners, including our own seeds.

Professional lectures focused on cultivation technology were presented by:

 Prof. Ján Vašák CSc. who gave the lecture on” Intensive agricultural technologies of winter rape cultivation in dry conditions” and Ing. Ladislav Černy Ph. D. who gave the lecture on” Technology of intensive cultivation of winter cereals in dry conditions”.

  After the lectures and presentation of about 200 varieties, our guests were invited for a local farm lunch with the local specialties. Our partners were: Bayer, Caussade Osivo, Finagro, GK Szeged, Marton Genetics, MAS SEED, Probsdorfer Saatzucht, Rapool Slovakia, Saatbau Slovensko, Selgen Slovakia, VP Agro Slovensko.

2018 - Soybean Field Day

June 15, 2018 - Cereals and Rapeseed Field Day

The 14th Cereals and Rapeseed Field Day was held on 15 June 2018 in the fields of MATEX company. The event took place in Veľké Kapušany – Veškovce.

We presented

23 varieties of winter rape and 28 varieties of winter wheat

from our partners: Bayer, Candor Trading, Caussade, Finagro, GK Szeged, Maisadour, Rapool, Saatbau, Selgen.

Prominent guests prepared interesting lectures focused on growing rapeseed and cereals in the dry climate.

Topics and speakers:

“Recommendations for winter rape cultivation in dry conditions ” – Prof. Ján Vašák CSc from ČZU Prague 

“Change in the technology of growing cereals in dry years” -Ing. Ladislav Černý, Ph.D, from ČZU Prague.                                       


“The importance of seed quality in atypical weather conditions” –  Ing. Přemysl Štranc Ph.D from Lexicon a.s.                                                                                                                                   “Weed control in crop fields “- Ing. Peter Mižík from Agrofert a.s.

The event was in a pleasant atmosphere with the participation of 150 invited guests. During the farm lunch, participants had the opportunity to discuss and exchange experience with our professionals.

14. 9. 2017 - Soybean Field Day

22. 6. 2017 - Winter Canola and Cereals Field Day

13. 9. 2016 - Soybean Field Day

23. 6. 2015 - Winter Canola and Cereals Field Day

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