CH Combin

  • Premium quality,awned, short type with early maturing
  • High resistance to lodging
  • Good winter hardiness
  • Drought resistance
  • Baking quality  is excellent in all indicators

CH COMBIN has a rapid spring development and tillering is strong. It is a short type with excellent resistance to lodging. It is healthy variety resistant to Rusts. Winter hardiness is medium, drought resistance is high and it has high tolerance to stress. The number of ears per unit ground area (ear density) and a Thousand Grain Weight (TGW) are high.

The baking quality of the CH COMBIN variety is stable and excellent in all indicators. Plant development is rapid therefore we recommend medium or later sowing dates. Late sowing dates are inappropriate. Due to lower straw production, it is a suitable as a pre-crop for rapeseed. CH COMBIN is awned variety, therefore it is also suitable for growing in areas badly damaged by wild animals.



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