Animal production

Animal production, after a short period, was restored in 2011 by purchasing of 80 heifers, which became the basis for our cattle breeding activities without milk market production. The breed composition of the basic herd is made predominantly of the Charolais breed. There are also Slovak Spotted and Blonde ď Aquitaine and their crossbreed types. The goal is to create a pure – bred herd of Charolais and Blonde ď Aquitaine.  We combine natural and artificial breeding. Artificial breeding is carried out for heifers of the Blonde ď Aquitaine. The Charolais breeding bull is used for this activity

a blonde ď aquitaine

Originally from France, the most common breed. Popular for features like: early maturity and rapid growth, good acclimatization to different breeding conditions, rich gene supply, stable heredity, diet meat and low fat.

These cattle are housed indoors in free-stall barns year-round. The stalls were completely rebuilt  as a free-stall  for a maximum cow comfort with  a bedding area for them to ruminate and rest. Each free-stall barn has its own outdoor enclosure with a sufficient area. Such breeding system requires higher demands on the provision of cattle feed for the whole year. Cattle feed consists of meadow hay, Lucerne silage, corn silage and kernel for fattening. Everything is exclusively from our own production.

The Duroc breed

The Duroc breed is currently one of the most widespread meat breed. Its meat has a high degree of marbling, and juiciness, it has more fat streaks and a more intense flavour.  Productivity is 100% food dependent. The cutting weight reaches 250 kg.

We also started with a pig farming. At the end of March 2016 were bought 6 breeding gilts BU X L and one Duroc breeding boar. In August 2016 the first 20 piglets were born.

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